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mTAC - Mobile Temporary Access Code

Oberoende mTAC-koder direkt från vår egen portal eller via ett partnersystem
Independent mTAC®-codes indirectly via a parnter system och directly from our server.

A unique solution for electronic locks - an independent internet service for access codes mTAC®. It works completely offline - but with intelligence.No SIM cards, no WiFi, no power cords, no hacking, no hassle. We are the "piece" that connects different worlds to a complete puzzle - that is missing on the market today.

Our independent access codes appear in the right context and with the right security for the intended person. The code is not related to the lock itself or the lock supplier, but to the problem it solves - for example, booking a mountain cabin or a paddle course, managing a property, performing care services or delivering ordered products.

Simply an "infrastructure for access" with high security, the right price and interchangeable sub-functions - which secures your investment!

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